Use social media to promote your business!

Social media started as a trend a few years ago, and now it has spread to almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed almost everything, from the way we speak (humans now can “tweet”!), to the way we interact and do business. Social media reaches millions of persons every day, and so it is a great option to promote your business. If you want to know how to take advantage of these platforms to make your brand grow, read on!

How can I use social media?

Create a business profile: This is a really easy step, and crucial to do what is to come. If you want people to know more about your brand and your product, you need to have a presence on different social networks. Once you create your profile, upload images and descriptions of your products or services. Then, invite your friends, family and acquaintances to follow or “like” your page, and share it. In this way, their friends will also get to know you. It works like marketing your business through word of mouth, but much faster!

Let people help you promote your business: First of all, you should make sure that your profile is set to public. Then, you should make it easy to share your pages. Add buttons with the icons of different social networks to all of your social media and websites, for people to be able to share your page by just clicking on them.

Keep your social media updated: Every time you start selling a new product, make sure to tell your followers about it. It is very important to give them the latest information of what is going on with your brand, so that they see that you care about them and you can bond with them. You could also offer discounts or different promotions to increase the traffic of your website and your sales!

Make it easy to close the sale: Once people have checked your social media, seen your products, your offers, and are convinced that they want to buy your product, they should be able to do so easily. People who use the internet frequently are used to everything being easy to reach, and they can usually do all they want in a matter of minutes. This means that, if the cannot find the link to your website, or it is not user-friendly, potential buyers will probably just quit and buy your product somewhere else. This also means that you should have a good SEO specialist who makes sure that your website ranks at the top of Google searches so that when people look for your product (or one that is similar), your site is the first one they see.