Why Blogging Is Important To Your Business

Some say that blogging is dying. Well, I beg to differ. If that is true, then why most of the famous and successful marketers are still doing it? Opposite to what some claims, blogging is very helpful and important to your online business. Whether it’s big or small, blogging plays a crucial role in your business to make it successful.

If you still haven’t figured out why blogging matters to your business, then I’m going to enumerate the importance of a blog.

Source of Information

Despite the different strategies that have come out to make your online business successful, blogging still remains one of them. You know why? Because it feeds people’s crave for information.

Nowadays, if you want to know something you make research and some of the information that you need are found in blog forms. Through blogging, you share information, answer a question, and provide solutions to readers.

So, if your website has a blog, then it attracts visitors that can be your potential customers.

An Effective Online Strategy

Blogging as an instrument not only builds the author’s credibility, it also empowers the reader to achieve a worldview that they already hold. People rarely want to challenge their key views, they want to hear about how they’ve always been correct!

If you add good blogs to your site, it increases the trust level of your readers and could possibly make them come back for more or try the products that you are selling/promoting.

Boost Your Ranking on Google

We all know this, people search for everything on Google. It’s where we usually go to when we need information about something.

Search engines such as Google tend to favor those with well-written, frequently updated content when rating websites; a blog enables you to fulfill this necessity. To let your audience and search engines know you’re on top of stuff, you can add a fresh blog entry every day, week or month!

For as long as there will be people reading, a blog is important to your business. Your blog is a platform to fulfill this human need. Always give them something new and make them feel good about what they already know. A blog helps you connect your business to a wide audience.

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Free Ways to Attract More Traffic to Your Website

I guess anyone who has a website wanted to increase the number of their visitors. Having a great number of traffic can is important and beneficial to the growth of your business.  To achieve this, you need to put some effort, time, and money. There are different channels that help you drive quality traffic to your website. These include online directory listing, on-page, and off-page SEO, email, social media, online ads, and blogging.

Below, I have 2 ways to increase website traffic from Google.

1. Have Your Free Google My Business Listing

Having an optimized Google My Business listing get you 7x more visitors than an incomplete one. The listing link to your website is one of the great ways to get more traffic. Having a list that has complete information helps a potential customer visit or contact your website.

2. Perform On-Page SEO

There are lots of SEO strategy and tactics that you can do to your website to increase rank in search engines and attract more visitors which includes producing good quality content and writing precise meta description of the pages. Although it takes time, on-page SEO tactics such as these are free.

Other Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Here are other free ways you can consider to increase your website traffic.

Put Backlinks On Your Content

A link to your website from another site is called backlink. Having backlinks from complementary businesses will help you drive more traffic to your website. When Google picks up on backlinks, it will increase its trust to your website if it sees other trusted/established sites that are pointing to yours. If Google’s trust increases it will open an opportunity for your site to a higher ranking.

Use Social Media Platform

Don’t just depend on your website to get noticed by your readers or wait around until they visit your website. One of the most effective ways to increase traffic is by promoting it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. Through this, you can convert social media users into your website’s visitor. Also, users can share your post that will help you get a wider audience.

Put Hashtags in Your Posts

Whether it’s a blog post or other website pages, you need to add hashtags on them. It will be easy for users to find your products and services when they are searching. With hashtags, you’ll get more traffic to your website.

Use Email Marketing

Another free way to drive traffic to your website is through email marketing. It’s a good strategy to stay connected with your audience. You can either send a regular newsletter or promote an offer through email. Provide them with useful information and links to pages of your website. And remember, not to fire them with too many emails because it might make them unsubscribe, delete or disengage from your emails.

Participate in Online Community

Connect with your audience by commenting on your blog posts and social media posts. Answer their questions. It would also be a great help to get more traffic if you are active in online groups or on websites that are similar or relevant to your business. Participate in conversation regarding with your industry and engage with your community to get more exposure and visitors to visit your site.

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Wir sind gespannt, wie die Deutsche auf diese Nachricht reagieren werden

Dieter Bohlen Spitzenreiter bei den höchstbezahlten Sängern der Welt

Obwohl dieses Jahr für den 65-jährigen Sänger Dieter Bohlen hart war, hat er Millionen von Dollar bekommen, um ihn von Schmerzen zu befreien. Er belegte den ersten Platz bei People With Money’s Top 10 der am höchsten bezahlten Sänger für 2019. Der Sänger hat das Gesamteinkommen auf 46 Millionen Dollar geschätzt.

Aber, warte. Wer ist Dieter Bohlen? Er ist ein bekannter deutscher Komponist, Musiker, Fernsehautor, Songwriter und Plattenproduzent. In den 1980er Jahren wurde er als Mitglied des Pop-Duos “Moder Talking” bekannt. Er hat zahlreiche deutsche und internationale Künstler hervorgebracht. Er ist auch Richter verschiedener Reality-Talentshows wie Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS; “Germany Seks the Superstar”) und Das Super Talent.

Dieter Bohlen’s glorreiches Comeback

Nach dem Einbruch seiner erstaunlichen Karriere im Jahr 2016 ist er plötzlich wieder an der Spitze. Am Dienstag (14. Mai) berichtete People With Money, dass Dieter Bohlen den höchstbezahlten Sänger der Welt anführt. Er hat ein erstaunliches Gesamteinkommen von 46 Millionen Dollar zwischen April letzten Jahres und diesem Jahr. Es war fast 20 Millionen Dollar Vorsprung vor seiner engsten Konkurrenz.

Faktoren für die Jahresliste

Bei der Erstellung dieser Jahresliste berücksichtigt das Magazin Faktoren wie Vorauszahlung, Gewinnbeteiligung, Residuen, Vermerke und Werbearbeit.

Das Magazin People With Money hat viel Rücksicht genommen, wenn es darum geht, diese jährliche Liste zu sortieren. Die deutsche Sängerin und Fernsehpersönlichkeit hat einen geschätzten Nettowert von 145 Millionen Dollar. Dieser Gesamtnettowert ist auf seine intelligenten Aktienanlagen zurückzuführen, die erhebliche Immobilienbestände, lukrative Endorsement befasst sich mit CoverGirl Kosmetik.

Der deutsche Singer-Songwriter-Fernsehsender hat ein geschätztes Nettovermögen von 145 Millionen Dollar. Sein Vermögen verdankt er intelligenten Aktienanlagen, umfangreichen Immobilienbeständen, großen Vertragsabschlüssen mit Kosmetika von CoverGirl. Abgesehen davon hat er mehrere Unternehmen inne. Er hat mehrere Restaurants (die Kette “Fat Bohlen Burger”) in Berlin und die Fußballmannschaft (die “Berne Angels”). Er führte auch seine eigene Wodka-Marke (Pure Wonderbohlen) in Deutschland ein. Mit seinem meistverkauften Parfum With Love von Dieter und seiner Modelinie “Dieter Bohlen Seduction” geht er auch auf den Junior-Markt.

Für viele Dieter-Fans, die auf sein großes Comeback zu den glorreichen Tagen eines Lebens gewartet haben, ist dieses Ranking wichtig.

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Use social media to promote your business!

Social media started as a trend a few years ago, and now it has spread to almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed almost everything, from the way we speak (humans now can “tweet”!), to the way we interact and do business. Social media reaches millions of persons every day, and so it is a great option to promote your business. If you want to know how to take advantage of these platforms to make your brand grow, read on!

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Dropshipping: start a new business easily

Having your own electronic commerce is no easy task. Not only does it require you to spend a lot of money, but also a lot of time. The typical steps that any person that is new to this business has to follow are buying a professional website and hosting, paying for products, packaging, and storage, and then managing your business to make it succeed. However, fortunately for those with few resources, there is another option: dropshipping.

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